Our Next Power Focus 90 Begins March 9th. Reserve Your Spot Today.
 Our Next Power Focus 90 Begins March 9th. Reserve Your Spot Today.

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Email John at johnpageburton@gmail.com or call him at 520-873-8624


I began working with John in 2008. My home based business was generating approximately $500 per month in earnings after 2 yrs of consistent effort and I was spending a considerable amount of time away from my family. I was ready to quit. John's coaching on goal setting and goal achieving totally changed my business approach. Today I am a top earner in my company and my income has grown to six figures per year. John understands the home based business industry because he himself started in the trenches and he understands what it takes to succeed. Thanks Coach J!!!


Kim G.

Los Angeles, CA


If you desire to move rapidly in your personal life, career or business, hire John today! John is not only a great author, speaker and workshop facilitator, but is also an insightful life/business coach. He has been instrumental in helping me gain the clarity, focus and increased drive to launch my business. John gets to the nuts and bolts of how to get to where you want to go in your life. He is strategic, practical and motivating. He takes you on a ride to success which is sprinkled with humor, compassion and fun! I highly recommend you "jump on board"!


Shan W.

Colorado Springs, Colorado


If you really, finally, want to live an Authentic Life, hire coach John to help you get there. He mixes business brilliance with personal concern, asks the right questions and dishes up timely pattern interupts to help you discover the path to your next breakthrough and most importantly, seize the courage to act on it.


Sara R.

Tucson, Arizona


Our company recently hired John to facilitate a team building workshop. Having recently undergone a significant management change we knew that a lot of our employees were not in the "best of spirits". Within the first hour, John had our entire organization fully engaged and by the end of the day everyone was laughing and truly communicating with eachother. With regards to the company mission, it was abundantly clear that our employees and management team were now on the same page. For me, the most impactful part of the workshop was understanding the 4 primary personality types and how to effectively interact with each one. I would recommend John and The JP Burton Group to any organization that is looking to develop a more cohesive, team environment!


Elizabeth S.

Phoenix, Arizona


John has a powerful gift. His poignant questions, profound insight and fresh perspective have stretched and propelled me to growth, both as a person and a business woman. Over the course of his Power Focus 90 program I was "blown away" more than once by how he facilitated me into tremendous paradigm shifts that have significantly changed the trajectory of my life.


Rebekah L.

Tucson, Arizona


John takes a very realistic approach to coaching. He breaks things down to their most fundamental level and then he designs a realistic road map for his clients to follow. What his clients don't get is hype. What they do get are results! If you desire to take the action that will move your life and business in a whole new direction then I highly recommend giving John a call.


Brad R.

Denver, CO


I remember my first call with Coach J. I spent 20 minutes sharing all of my failures, disapointments, trials, tribulations and the overall frustration with my life. When I was done he asked me two questions that have made such a profound impact on my life. "How does that make you feel?" "What are you going to do about it?" These two questions and his guidance have truly changed my life.  John's reality based approach to personal growth truly puts the responsibilty for change on each of his clients. Thank you!


Marla D.

Portland, OR


I am a very big fan of Power Focus 90. I have learned how to set goals and how to effectively execute them in the four quadrants of my life. During the past six months I have lost 25 lbs, increased my monthly income by 3k, become a volunteer and my family relationships are better than ever!! It still amazes me that the information I learned was so basic in nature and yet has had such a huge impact on my life.


Robin T.

Temecula, CA


When I met John I was in the process of rebuilding my life. John's reality based coaching approach allowed me to identify my core issues quickly and develop a very strong game plan for moving forward. Today I am in a much better place and I am very clear on my purpose and direction. Thanks, Coach J!!!!


Tina R.

Tucson, AZ


I had been out of work for 19 months. My 401k was depleted, my savings were all but gone and truthfully my spirit was broken. As a 54 year old male I realized that my options were limited. A friend encouraged me to give John a call. Reluctantly I did. From the onset John kept me on point. Within 15 minutes we were engaged in a strategy session on how to parlay my skills into my own consulting business. Now, 14 months later my business is growing, my spirits are soaring and I am wondering why it took me so long to take the plunge. I "took charge of my own economy" and it feels great!


Rob S.

Charlotte, NC


The convienience of picking up the phone once a week to talk with Coach J is awesome!!! During the week I make notes on the things that I need help with and once a week we visit. John has a knack for problem solving and he encourages me to stay in solution mode at all times. My business is growing and my marriage is better than ever. With much gratitude...


Myra B.

Austin, TX


John was highly instrumental in helping me publish my first book, "A Seed Of Hope." As a coach, John helped me to determine what I was passionate about and he then provided direction and encouragment during my goal achieving process. Because of the insights and accountability that he provided, I was able to give myself permission to remove time-wasting activities from my schedule and to focus on writing. His background in the publishing industry proved to be very valuable as I developed my manuscript. Having John as my coach enabled me to begin my journey as an author and to finish writing my book during a 90 day period of focussed activity.


Evangeline C.

Chandler, Arizona


For the past 8 weeks I have been participating in a Power Focus 90 course facilitated by John Page Burton. WOW! It's been so incredible! The commitment and dedication put into this course has been tremendously inspiring, straight forward and to the point. The information is easy to understand yet it brings forth such a powerful message...

"At the end of the day who you become is totally and completely up to you!"

For anyone truly looking to make a huge difference in their life I'd strongly suggest enrolling in PF 90.
Crystal H.

Pueblo, CO


Everyone can benefit from spending time with John. He operates in a casual manner while pinpointing exactly where clarity is needed. I have recently enjoyed two very helpful conversations and I recommned that you do the same.


Christopher W.

Toronto, CA


If you have the chance to engage with John TAKE IT! JUMP ON IT! DO IT NOW!

John offers his clients a practical, straight talking approach to problem solving. Whether it involves your life, business or both, John's heart felt empathy and compassion shine through in every coaching session. He WILL help you BREAKTHROUGH your limiting beliefs and arrive at your desired destination.


Mama Red

Indianapolis, Indiana


John Page Burton has helped me change my life for the better. John is respectful, caring and empowering. In just a few months, all of of my relationships have improved. The most amazing of which is my relationship with myself. I know going into each session that John will be professional and that I will have an "aha moment" coming. If you desire to experience growth in any area of your life, he's your guy! I am very grateful that John took me on as a client.


Lydia E.

Tucson, Arizona


John came into my life when I was at my lowest point. I was ready to give up. I started following John's articles and daily quotes. His posts and quotes always touched my heart and soul. Whenever I commented, he promptly wrote back which meant the world to me. I felt that he truly cared and I hired him as a coach. His coaching has helped me realize that I am a great person who truly adds value to the world. John has helped me tap into an inner strength I never knew I had. I can never thank him enough for all he has done for me. I look forward to what my future holds. 


Sally L.

Tucson, Arizona












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