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Quite frankly, I was burned out beyond belief! I realized I had been going through the motions for several years and I knew it was time for a major shift. A friend of mine spoke highly of John's career reinvention process and after talking with him, I signed on as a client. Over a 16 week coaching program, I became extremely clear on what I was no longer willing to settle for, we mapped out a career reinvention plan and I got to work. Today, I am happier and feel more challenged than I could have ever imagined. I identified my ideal position and today I am thriving in an entirely new career. John helped me gain clarity of purpose and also helped me develop the right mindset to go after what I desired. John is an awesome coach and guide! 


Terry A.

Denver, CO

John is the absolute best at helping his clients develop the right mindset for success. He challenges you to play full out and become the best version of yourself. If you are ready to reinvent your career or launch a business, hire John! 


Denise T.

Albuquerque, NM

As a business owner, I have found the guidance and strategies provided by The JP Burton Group invaluable. Coaching, team building, strategic planning and leadership development have all contributed greatly to the growth of our business. Their collective experience is impressive but what makes them so unique is their focus on you as an individual. They take the time to really get to know their clients and most importantly, they understand their clients needs. This is rare in today's business environment. I highly recommend the entire team at The JP Burton Group.

Gerry M.

Phoenix, AZ.


If your tired of being sick and tired, hire Coach J. He will cause you to shift the way you look at things and he helps you look at your business through an entirely different lens. He encourages his clients to focus on what matters and say a resounding NO to everything else. At first I felt guilty about saying NO but today I can say with certainty that this one little word gave me permission to step up, change careers and today I am happier and emotionally healthier than I have been in years. As Coach J so often says, CHEERS!


Samantha P.

Pasadena, CA. 


I have participated in the PF 90 mastermind, twice. Each time I had an entirely different experience. The first time, I was in the process of ending my marriage and I was making a significant career transition at the same time. I was overwhelmed!  The tools I received, the skills I developed and the clarity I gained, propelled me forward in a very empowering way. Four years later, I participated in PF 90 again. This time, I had recently launched a new business and once again, the wisdom I gained, the strategies I learned, and the ongoing collaboration with other course participants has continued to help me grow my business. PF 90 is power packed! I highly recommend it!

Rob J.

Lansing MI.

"I cannot begin to explain the empowerment that I received from participating in John's "Pivot From Your Heart" course.  I had just started a new business and was moving in many directions and John's course and the wisdom I received from him as well as all the participants really helped me streamline my actions and focus on the most important aspects of my business.  Throughout the course I started implementing the guidance given, making decisions based on my goals, priorities, and passions and also writing down my priorities and tasks on a daily basis. The outcome? My stress level has decreased, my productivity has increased and my joy in my new business is at an all time high!  This course is a must for anyone looking to "pivot" and make positive and impacting changes in their lives. John is an amazing coach, a brilliant business mind, and a genuinely caring person. This course is an important investment in yourself and in your future and you will thank yourself for taking it!"


Bill K.

Tucson, AZ


The Pivot From Your Heart course was extremely valuable in helping me chart a new career direction. John is an informative and engaging facilitator, coupled with great course material and exercises that challenged participants to seek a deeper understanding of the “why “ and "how" we approach our histories, activities, and challenges. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering a career change or who desires to level up in an existing career. 


Grant D

Tucson, AZ


Now more than ever people are looking to become a better version of themselves.  Who am I? What am I really capable of? Do I love what I do for work? I ask myself those questions every day. I recently took part in a course, Pivot From Your Heart that was facilitated by John Page Burton. John helped me answer these questions, but more importantly he helped me to realize that the only one who can really answer these questions and take action is me. This course is loaded with tips and homework that will help you get clear about what it is that truly motivates you. John shares practical steps you can take to achieve goals, dreams, crush it in your current job, as well as your time mastery. John is genuine and truly cares about each course participant. He has many, many tools at his disposal due to his extensive experience as it relates to personal growth and he knows how to apply these tools according to the need of the individual. I highly encourage you to give John an opportunity to help you Pivot and become a better you. 


Jorge R.

Tucson, AZ

As an executive coach, John encourages his clients to think outside the box. When I hired John, my business growth had become stagnant. Revenue was down 25%, moral was low and quite frankly, as the leader, I was burned out. Within a couple of sessions, John was able to redirect my focus from problems to solutions. He showed me where we could increase sales by adding service offerings to several of our existing product lines, discontinue 2 product lines, improve our client relationships by transitioning from a virtual approach to a hybrid approach and we are now focused on building a more meaningful culture via teambuilding workshops and other educational offerings. I highly recommend John and The JP Burton Group. 

Alex M.

Colorado Springs, CO.


As I encountered the content presented by John  throughout his Pivot From Your Heart course, I began to uncover some personal dreams that had been hidden for many years. The weekly homework challenged me to get more honest with myself which in turn helped me take significant action and chase after an endeavor that is at the core of my passion. If you are at a crossroads professionally or personally and know that you need something or someone to help you focus and redefine what’s most important to you, look no further than the Pivot From Your Heart Course with John Page Burton.


Andy T.

Tucson, AZ

I have enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry. Over the years I have had the opportunity to play many unique and challenging roles. The hardest role I ever played was the role of being me. A friend recommended John and we began our journey together. With his help, my personal relationships have taken on a deeper meaning, my marriage is off the charts and most importantly, I have developed an authentic relationship with myself. John is not only my coach, he is one of my most trusted advisers. If you have a chance to work with John, JUMP ON IT!

Eric R.

Santa Monica, CA.

I am a very big fan of John's Power Focus 90 team building workshop! I have learned how to set goals and how to effectively execute them in the four quadrants of my life. During the past six months I have lost 25 pounds, increased my monthly income by 3k, become a volunteer and my family relationships are better than ever!! It still amazes me that the information I learned was so basic in nature and yet has had such a huge impact on my life.


Robin T.

Temecula, CA

Next Level Strategies, Next Level Results


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