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Meet Our Team...

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John Page Burton is the managing partner of the JP Burton Group, LLC. John is an internationally recognized leader in the personal and professional development industry. As a certified executive coach and business strategist, John has coached and consulted with over 1400 clients in 12 different countries. John has served as an executive trainer for several multi-million dollar companies and he routinely facilitates workshops where he teaches peak performance strategies to leaders across the globe. Reach out to him at


Diana Burton is a partner at the JP Burton Group, LLC. For over 20 years, Diana has served as a senior project manager in the technology industry. During her career, she has worked at the corporate level for 3 Fortune 100 companies and served as a technology VP for a top 5 bank. Diana offers our clients a wealth of expertise in the areas of technology project management, program management, and strategic planning. Diana is also highly skilled at building and leading diverse teams. Reach out to her at


Derrick Sobotka is a partner at the JP Burton Group, LLC. As an executive business consultant, Derrick brings his clients a wealth of expertise in Enterprise Resource Program Integration. He guides clients through complex technological landscapes in order to seamlessly integrate systems and optimize operational efficiency. Derrick's expertise extends to the legal analysis of contracts, ensuring compliance and mitigating risk throughout the lifecycle of your project. With a proven track record of success, Derrick is committed to delivering tailored solutions and driving transformative outcomes across diverse industries. Reach out to

A Network Of Professionals Helping You Meet Your Business Objectives. 


The JP Burton Group is committed to the success of your organization. In addition to our in- house team, we partner with a network of top-tier professional consultants across a variety of industries to ensure that your company is in the best position to achieve your strategic objectives. Our team is dedicated to providing your team with Next Level Strategies that will lead to Next Level Results.


The goal of our initial meeting is to gain a better understanding of your objectives and determine how our team can best meet your specific needs. For some of our clients, working with the JP Burton Group is an a la carte proposition, while others take advantage of multiple services. Regardless of your company size or the scope of our engagement, you can rest assured that our consultants will deliver the results you seek.  To learn more about  our services or to schedule a complimentary strategy session, call us at 520-873-8624.   

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Next Level Strategies, Next Level Results!


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