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Let Our Team Design & Facilitate Your Next Workshop Or Mastermind...


The JP Burton Group will collaborate with you to create a custom designed workshop/mastermind that is exclusive to your team or organization. Our workshops/masterminds can be facilitated in person, virtual or in a hybrid format. Today's employees are craving personal and professional growth opportunities and The JP Burton Group is dedicated to meeting their needs. Soft skills development, team building, leadership training, work-life integration strategies, emotional & business intelligence, and conflict resolution are some of the areas where we can collaborate with you to design a one of a kind professional development experience for your team or organization. To schedule a complimentary strategy session call 520-873-8624. We look forward to partnering with you!

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Power Focus 90 is a virtual mastermind that consists of 12 / 90-minute, group coaching sessions. The PF 90, total immersion, interactive mastermind will absolutely transform your life and career. Participants will learn strategies for crushing limiting beliefs, erasing self-doubt, developing an unshakable mindset, mastering the 10 emotions of power and eliminating the 5 most common thinking traps. AND that's just the first 4 sessions! To learn more call 520-873-8624 or message us at

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John has a powerful gift. His poignant questions, profound insight and fresh perspective have stretched and propelled me to growth, both as a person and a business woman. Over the course of his Power Focus 90 program I was "blown away" more than once by how he facilitated me into tremendous paradigm shifts that have significantly changed the trajectory of my life.


Rebekah B.

Tucson, AZ

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Our company recently hired John to facilitate a team building workshop. Having recently undergone a significant management change we knew that a lot of our employees were not in the "best of spirits". Within the first hour, John had our entire organization fully engaged and by the end of the day everyone was laughing and truly communicating with each other. With regards to the company mission, it was abundantly clear that our employees and management team were now on the same page. For me, the most powerful part of the workshop was understanding the 4 primary personality types and how to effectively interact with each one. I would recommend John and The JP Burton Group to any organization that is looking to develop a more cohesive, team environment!


Elizabeth S.

Phoenix, Arizona

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I wasn't sure how effective a virtual workshop was going to be. Like many managers, I was conditioned to in person events and I didn't know how well my team would engage in an online setting. In short, I set my expectations fairly low. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. John is an excellent facilitator! Within 20 minutes, my team was laughing, engaging with the content, taking notes and to a person, everyone was thoroughly enjoying our soft skills workshop. John is very good at spotting when someone is resistant to something and even better at turning it around in a way that normalizes their feelings. I loved it, my team loved it and we look forward to working with The JP Burton Group again!

Becky T.

Albuquerque, NM

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In 2018, John co-facilitated the first ever, Arizona Town Hall on criminal justice reform from inside a maximum security prison outside Tucson. A few weeks later, he facilitated a corporate workshop teaching the foundational principles of emotional intelligence which was followed a few weeks later with John facilitating a forum on gender inequity in the workplace. Regardless of his audience or the topic, John's facilitation skills are exceptional. He's real, he's professional, he cares! 

Mike B.

Scottsdale, AZ.

Next Level Strategies, Next Level Results


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