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Business Consulting...

Today's business leaders face more obstacles than just moving their product, team and vision forward. Emerging markets, advanced technology, consistent economic changes and an increasing remote workforce are just a few of the challenges business leaders are facing. Leaning on the expertise of our consultants can provide you with fresh ideas and perspective. Lets talk.

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Business Coaching...

A good coach can help you gain clarity about your vision, passion, values, purpose and aspirations. Our coaches provide feedback that is both personalized and actionable. We help you design a strategy for achieving your goals and hold you accountable to the next level results you seek. Call 520-873-8624 to schedule a complimentary 45 minute strategy session.

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Technology Project Management...

Is your companies technology infrastructure keeping pace with your growth? Our technology project management team will partner with your tech resource team to manage and deliver your technology projects on time and on budget.  *The length of our engagement will be based on your requirements and scope.  

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Build A Winning Culture...

In the words of renowned management consultant Peter Drucker, "culture eats strategy for breakfast". Companies with a great culture thrive, while companies with a poor culture tend to experience a revolving door. Our team building workshops and masterminds are thoughtfully designed to help your company develop and maintain a winning culture. 

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Leadership Development...

Leadership development is the foundation of top performing companies. Honing, developing and effectively applying good leadership is the key to success in today's competitive business environment. Your team is worth the investment and we are committed to helping them develop and grow their next level leadership skills. 

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a systematic process that helps you chart your companies future ambitions and provides a roadmap for getting there. Our consultants focus on 3 key areas: your mission, your vision, and your purpose. We will help you develop a system for measuring your progress in these 3 areas. Lets talk about how we can partner with you on your next level journey. 

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When I first learned that we would be participating in corporate training for our group, I met it with a fair amount of skepticism. Having been through corporate training seminars and programs over the years, I was a little hesitant about the perceived benefit. That skepticism was quickly replaced with enthusiasm and engagement. John offers a unique voice and approach to team training and his personalization of the training material allows him to very quickly find opportunities to provide real-life solutions. Often, in corporate training, you hear things that are familiar, however, John is able to engage you in those things and encourage you to action instead of the more common result which is to mull things over for a few days until they are quickly forgotten in the daily grind we all face. John personalizes the experience to the group AND the person, providing a much more personal and succinct training experience. Training to the individual in a group dynamic is a complex task, but John is able to deliver a highly personalized experience while still training to the group as a whole. I would highly recommend John and believe he would be a great benefit whether he is working with an individual, a group, or an organization.


Daniel C.

Rochester, NY

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Working with the JP Burton Group is a collaborative process. I have hired consulting firms in the past and often left the engagement feeling frustrated because I felt the consultant had recommended a higher commission service rather than what I actually needed. The JP Burton Group takes the time to understand what the client needs and then pairs their clients with the right talent to provide the right solution.  Brilliant!


Mark V.

Raleigh, NC.



I hired John as an executive coach in 2021. The pandemic closures had created havoc in my business and I was struggling to keep afloat, especially with all of the uncertainty in such an unstable business environment. By our third coaching call, John had me thinking outside the box and he coached me through several mindset shifts that not only helped my business survive but put me in a position to scale my business in ways I would have never considered before. John is very intuitive and he seems to always hear what is not being said. If you desire to take your game to a whole new level, I highly recommend hiring John and his team, they get it!


Molly B.

Boulder, CO

Next Level Strategies, Next Level Results


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